The system supports two types of documentation the abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) and the intervention of the extra cranial carotid artery (CA).

The platform design allows extensions of the documentation schema as well as the integration of other documentations any time. Multiple forms per patient can be created for both the left and the right side of the body. In each of the documentation (AAA and CA) a relation between the phases preoperatively, surgery and postoperative is given, but per operation only one form is filled out, which allows to distinguish between the different surgical procedures.


Functionality of the System

  • Adding new documentation
  • Adding new patients (generating IDs or using internal HIS IDs)
  • Entering patient data
  • Defining documentation schema
  • Import of data and documentation forms
  • Export of data and documentation forms (allows different formats, i.e. CSV, Microsoft Excel)
  • Annual graphical evaluation (PDF, Excel) with the data of a clinic in comparison with the total number of clinics


The SPICS VASC platform aims at providing the implemented features enhancing both academic research options and actual management of the data quality assurance process. Through the regional implementation of the system a homogeneous data set is created, which facilitates the performance of new significant studies and the development of effective treatment methods in the field of vascular surgery. It provides for features such as high usability for documentation and studies, technical integrability with HIS and interoperability, data security and privacy.


  • Allows a standardized data quality assurance process
  • Allows geographically distributed documentation accessible anytime from anywhere
  • Facilitation of documentation work


  • Easy export of data for statistical evaluation and analysis
  • Valuable results for scientific utilization
  • Allows cost efficient objective studies
  • Comparison of treatment data